UNLV Jazz Ensemble Don Menza and Freddie Hubbard


Don Menza and Freddie Hubbard 1979 UNLV Jazz Ensemble

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Don Menza and Freddie Hubbard 1979


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Released April 1979
Edition date April 1979


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Wednesday, 20 March 2013 02:35
Tim Bonenfant recalled a messy situation with this concert.

"Don's flight got there late, I believe, so the band was just sitting around waiting for him to show up. I think that was the only rehearsal with him.

And Freddie was nowhere to be seen, even after Don was done with rehearsal. Frank was thinking he might have to tell the audience that he wasn't going to make it.

But about 10 minutes before the concert started, Freddie walked up the sidewalk and into the Green Room. There was no time for him to rehearse, so I think Frank ended up going over the charts with him during intermission."
Tim Bonenfant
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 23:46
Ha, you beat me to this, Curt. Thanks for reposting this here. And yes, I recall Frank being upset about the whole situation, but you never saw that onstage. That wasn't Frank's style.

I don't recall why Freddie was late. I was just a by stander for all of that, and I certainly knew it wasn't my place to ask what was going on. But I'll never forget seeing FH walk up to the green room entrance, and turning to whoever was nearest to me and asking "Does anybody know what Freddie Hubbard looks like? I think this might be him."
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